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Mooresville, NC

Generally, putting a structure in place could be a lot of responsibility to take on. It could even be harder when your contractors are not the best professionals. They could ruin a first-time experience for you. Frustratingly, disappointments are common in the construction industry, thereby making it quite hard to carry out your plans. Some people have had to express their discontent over the quality of service they have been offered. Too many times, what was presented or planned was not executed correctly. The constant ability to meet the taste and demands of our clients has made Blackmon Custom Builders, INC amazingly different from other general contractor companies in Mooresville, NC. Our general contractors take on projects and deliver them at the lowest cost to our clients.

Apart from Mooresville, NC, we also offer general contractor services in;

  • Matthews, NC
  • Maiden, NC
  • Cherryville, NC
  • Sherrills Ford, NC
  • Troutman, NC
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General Contractors Near Me

Seeking contractors to help you construct a building near Mooresville, NC? There are quite a number around. But if you need high quality, state-of-the-art work with guaranteed durability, contact Blackmon Custom Builders now! We have quite a few accolades from Home Advisor to attest to our top-rated professionalism.

If you reside near Mooresville, NC, we are ready to make your dream house a reality. We are driven by the resolution that you should get what you want, and that it should not come with disappointments. So, we are here to make sure you get what you want and with no stress. We assure you a very professional relationship and effective communication. It is our pleasure to make sure you make the right decisions. So, with a positive 10-year experience in this said field, we assure you that you can trust our recommendations. Our professional point of view will help you and your architects.

General Contractor Companies Near Me

Do you need to check out General contractor companies Near you at Mooresville, NC? Save yourself the stress and start with us. As general contractors, we are a versatile brand with proficiency in the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology. This is to make sure your building’s temperature can be made fit for any weather. Our brand provides a hitch-free user experience with the quality of our installed units.

Also, we are a certified general contractor company capable of ensuring your electrical fittings are befitting. We make sure your facility is safe with the use of good quality materials. This will significantly help reduce the risk of power surges. Our plumbing techniques also give your building a top-notch plumbing system. We are deeply concerned with the durability of our installations and make sure your sewer system will not suffer clogging problems.

Should we talk about our tiling techniques? Of course, our general contractor company gives you the best floors around Mooresville, NC. We provide high-grade tiles styled to your taste and the image of your facility. We are quite flexible but strictly competent. Besides homes, we can work for any form of establishments – health, banking and finance, data resource, corporate establishments, institutions, legal firms and so on.

However, the wide range of services our general contractor company offers doesn’t mean we cut corners. With expertise that speaks for itself, our workers are masters of their craft, and we guarantee a smooth ride with our experts. We ensure proper planning and execution to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Our general contractors provide all these and more at a reasonable cost.

For information on custom home building, please see our Custom Home Builders in Charlotte, NC page.

General Contractors Cost Mooresville, NC

We afford you a wide range of services, from tiling to plumbing. This is to ensure your structure has an overall touch of class. You might think our quality of work would come at a steep price. Not at all! The cost of our general contractor services will not kill you. We provide our general contractor services at a ridiculously affordable cost. This is because we cover a significant amount of jobs that you need to do on your site. This effectively means we can provide these services at a lump sum. This is significantly cheaper than what you would obtain if you had decided to hire other contractors for other aspects. Our pricing is not burdensome like other general contractor costs. Choosing us is cost effective and affordable.

What Our Clients Say

Beverly L. Avatar


Beverly L. 11/12/2016
Ron R. Avatar

Went very good! Gerome is very professional and likable, and he was knowledgeable, got me what I needed, as well as the results I was looking for. He's reliable, came as promised, price competitive, and he did everything he said he would. Even supervised his crew and cleaned up the area. The main thing for me was that he kept to his word, and that it did make a big difference in our energy usage.

Ron R. 10/02/2017
Art G. Avatar

Very honorable and humble contractor. Gerome was responsive to my calls and answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. Clean and respectful of my home. I am very pleased with the work and plan to have him on my next project.

Art G. 9/29/2017